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“At Garden State Dance Project (GSDP) we exist to cultivate the art of dance in the Garden State through performance and education.” -Eli Kababa, Co-Founder & Artistic Director, Garden State Dance Project

Garden State Dance Project’s objective is to inspire children, tweens, teens, and adults through dance instruction and education. All GSDP teachers adhere to the Standards for Learning and Teaching Dance in the Arts, as established by the National Dance Education Organization, as well as, the New York City Blueprint for Learning and Teaching Dance. Adhering to these standards provides students with a unique competitive advantage, as the curriculum is designed to apply to all genres. Dance becomes more than movement to create true artists.

Eli Kababa is a graduate of Dance Education Laboratory (DEL), that trains and supports the work of dance educators, known as the art of the heart of teaching™. Here are some of the questions each instructor considers:

  • What are the goals of the lesson?
  • What are desired student outcomes?
  • How to assess student outcomes?
  • What theme will be presented? (Ex: teaching dance within historical timeline)
  • How will we explore the chosen theme?
  • How can we develop/elaborate on the theme?
  • What is the culmination (share the dance performance)?

GSDP offers studio dance instruction, educational school programs, and a performance dance company.

Dance instruction includes Ballet/Tap/Jazz, Hip Hop, Break-dance, Acro, Cheer Prep, Adult Classes and Dance Fusion, which combines Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Lyrical, and Hip Hop, as well, a competitive Pioneers Junior Dance Company.

Garden State Dance Project began as an actual “project,” in 2007 with the goal of fusing a variety of dance genres such as urban movement, including hip-hop and break dancing, with the fine art forms of ballet and modern dance. Under the leadership of Co-Founder and Artistic Director, Eli Kababa, GSDP has become known as one of the hippest and most reputable dance companies in the metro-area.

GSDP provides instruction at their two convenient studio locations—**New Wayne** and Montville, NJ. GSDP also offers school assemblies, in-school residencies, as well as after-school programs.  .

GSDP is always expanding its artistic boundaries and has teamed up with Souljerz Crew, a NJ-based soulful professional dance company. Led by Carlos Cordova “Ironman 360,” Souljerz performs, instructs and competes in the U.S. and abroad and is currently collaborating with GSDP on performances.

Souljerz Crew
Watch Souljerz Dance dance piece, It Was All A Dream


 We hope you will explore the class schedules at our two convenient studios and register for one or more of our popular classes as well as our school programs. Discover the GSDP Performance Company and Join the Project!