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Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

is credited with being one of hip-hop’s original dance form. Inspired by music and movement from the Mo’Town era and artists such as James Brown. This dance style developed a form all it’s own!

Born out of the Bronx and it’s surrounding borough’s this dance is now a thrilling international art-form. Led by our Master Teacher B-boy Airmax students learn, top/up-rock, stylish ways to and from the floor as they explore freezes and power moves!Adam aka aYo

This class provides students with an authentic hip-hop break-dance experience. The music played is true to the culture it teaches. See more info on our wonderful instructor Airmax and please note break-dace students must wear spin-caps and kneepads for safety.(Available through  Our Store)



52f9f9c5-f4b1-4e80-968e-5d74a9190c0cEvery class is approximately 40 to 55 minutes and incorporates a warm up, stretching, isolation practice (where students learn to move one body part at a time), teaching across the floor (a travelling movement) and a combination routine (where students learn the routine of their genre to their skill level).  Classes conclude with a cool down.

Required dancewear and dance shoes must be worn to all classes for the safety of our students. Students are only permitted to wear their dance shoes in the studio; dance shoes should never be worn outdoors. Street shoes may not be worn in the studios.

“Mr. Eli, Thanks for teaching me all the cool moves. I had a lot of fun. Have a great summer.” ~ Joey