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Performance Company

Performance Company

Dance Project Gala at Wayne YM-YWHA

box3Established in 2007, the ten-member GSDP Performance Company mission is to create and perform expressive works of art by combining multiple dance genres.  The origins of the Performance Dance Company began with a simple dance piece, “Be Still, that Co-founder and Artistic Director, Eli Kababa, and his dance partner, Kim, (seen above) performed at a popular outdoor festival on the Hudson River. According to Dance Professor, international educator and author, Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones:  “Eli and Kim are talented dancers and choreographers who have united to bring New Jersey dancers and audiences the opportunity to experience dance at its best.  I am delighted to endorse them and the company in future endeavors” 

6.-Performace-Compant-DuetEli knew in order to grow, perform and educate the public and his students, he needed to establish a company in residence, create a dance studio and host performances.  Eli was invited to the YMCA in Wayne, NJ to develop their dance department. According to Eli, “To create a dance company that would last, you need to develop dancers in our aesthetic of movement.”  Eli teaches his students to be proficient in their style of dance to create expressive works of art.  In Wayne, Eli grew his studio to more than 100 students in a few short years and

Today, Eli Kababa continues to cultivate the art of dance through performance and education with studio instruction in Wayne and Montville, NJ, through his school programs (assemblies and in-school residencies) and as he prepares his new work in the genre of Dance Fusion for 2017.  The Performance Company is looking forward to upcoming performances, dates    and details to be announced!

In his dance studios, Eli continues to train his Pioneer dancer students for performance.

If you enjoy coming to art shows, plan to come see our creative works performed by our very own Performance Company.  Click here to join our email list to find out about our upcoming shows.

Watch GSDP’s dance piece, Chiaroscuro, which was the product of focusing on fusing the dance genres of contemporary and hip-hop with audio/visual display.

“Eli Kababa creates dances that my dancers love to perform and my audiences love to watch.” Kathie Kececi, Director In Motion Dance Company