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pi·o·neer, pīəˈnir/

Noun 1. a person who is among the first to explore or settle a new country or area.  synonyms; settler, colonist, colonizer, frontiersmanfrontierswomanexplorertrailblazer "the pioneers of the Wild West".
Verb 1. develop or be the first to use or apply a new methodarea of knowledge or activity. synonyms; introduce, develop, evolve, launch, instigate, initiate,  spearhead, institute, establish, found, be the father/mother of, originateset in motioncreate "they have pioneered a number of innovative techniques"

Why call them Pioneers?
GSDP offers a competitive artistic dance troupe, Pioneers Junior/Senior Dance Company, for those students who wish to “pioneer their skills” as their Director Eli often says. Pioneers exists to further develop their skills and potential. It put dancers on the fast track to achieving pre-professional status. Students will also have the opportunity to explore choreography to create and perform dances and can share their art at events like The PULSE, Open Call and non-competitive Art Festivals. Whether your goal is performing on Broadway or break-dancing in a television commercial, GSDP supports students in accomplishing their personal and professional goals.
  • Students ages 8 and older
  • Participate in a minimum of two technique classes per week
    — One of two required classes is ballet (male and female students)
    — Second class complements the genre of dance they are pursuing
  • Minimum one year commitment
  • Required to attend all Pioneer rehearsals
  • Pioneers will compete throughout the year at a competitive and an artistic event
  • Competition costume fees and jumpsuits are billed in addition to other dance instruction and recital fees

If you are interested in joining our Pioneers Junior Dance Company and can meet these requirements, please contact us for additional information.

View the Pioneers 2016 dances here:

Both Recreational and Pioneers students perform in two recitals per year: one is an informal show for parents/guardians in the fall; the other is the formal recital in the spring. 

* Due to student interest our Pioneers Junior Dance Company is currently comprised of an all-boys hip-hop and break-dance crew. GSDP will develop another Pioneers Junior Dance Company for any and all students who are interested in competing/sharing dance of another genre as long as there is a minimum of six students to form that company.