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School Assemblies

School Assemblies

Garden State Dance Project offers educational school assemblies, residencies and in/after-school dance classes combined with assemblies for your school. Through the use of dance, music, story telling and audience participation, we educate and entertain children of all ages. Our programs explore and introduce students to the original and new-age contexts of Hip-Hop culture, music, and dance, which has a rich and diverse history and instills messages of strength, self-confidence and positivity.

  • School Assemblies: Our assemblies are usually performed within one class period. We can do 2-3fullsizerender assemblies per day; each is a 30-40 minute performance, always concluding with a Questions & Answers for students. GSDP teaches Hip-Hop and other dance cultures from a historical perspective. Kids will learn how history influenced Hip-Hop and our present day culture. GSDP assemblies will entertain and educate students of all ages. Fees vary by the number of performers.
  • In-School Residencies: This program can be implemented alone or with an assembly. Our residencies are available during the day, after school, or on weekends. This program can also be incorporated into an after school program. Typically, instructors teach Hip-Hop assemblies from an educational point of view in a weekly dance group, or substitute this program for a gym class or during an art elective. This program is targeted at elementary and middle school aged students. Fees vary.
  • Assemblies and Residencies: Inspired by the work of Center for Arts Education in New York City, this is a combination of both programs and can be arranged to meet the needs of your school schedule and curriculum. Options include hosting an assembly first with a 3 to 10 week artist-in-residence to follow-up and expand on the material taught during the assembly and or hosting a 3 to 10 week artist-in-residence program concluding with our assembly in which the students / classes from the residence program perform with GSDP and Souljerz Crew on stage during the planned assembly! Other dance genres can also be performed and/or taught to inspire all students alike. Our schedules are very flexible and we work closely with schools to arrange a program schedule that’s convenient.
  • Customized School Programs: Have GSDP create a personalized dance education program for your school. For example, the Within Us dance program was an assembly created just for the West Side High School to help students find the talents within themselves.

“On behalf of Communities In Schools, New Jersey, the YOUTHWORKS Program, and the students of West Side High School, I extend our sincerest thanks for hosting such a wonderful program. The “Within Us” dance performance was phenomenal and presented unique cultural and artistic venue for the students to gain exposure to professionally trained artists. I have received numerous calls and comments from the students, parents, and guests who attended, all were extremely positive.”  – Tamika Stembridge

GSDP also created a very successful anti-drug education program in conjunction with the Wayne Alliance for Ryerson School called, “A Force for Change.”

Please contact info@gsdanceproject.com for further information about bringing any one of these programs to your school.

 “Eli has the unique ability to exude creative energy with a calm, thoughtful demeanor. Prepared for any situation that may arise in the classroom, Eli creates “teachable moments” and always does so while encouraging his students to make their own creative choices.”-NYCB Education Department