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School Assemblies

School Assemblies

Garden State Dance Project offers educational school assemblies, residencies and in/after-school dance classes combined with assemblies for your school. Through the use of dance, music, story telling and audience participation, we educate and entertain children of all ages. Our programs explore and introduce students to the original and new-age contexts of Hip-Hop culture, music, and dance, which has a rich and diverse history and instills messages of strength, self-confidence and positivity. 

1) Hip Hop Through Time

In this assembly students are taken on an interactive journey through time from the 1960’s music and dance influences to what we now know today as hip-hop.    Many of today’s modern dances have their roots in swing, rock & roll, Mo-Town, Disco, 80’s and more! From James Brown and to Drake – watch and learn as you and your audience experience the evolution of hip hop music and dance! 

2) Hip Hop’s 5 Philosophies; DJ, MC, Graffiti Art, Breaking, & Knowledge 

In this assembly we will take a relevant glimpse into hip hops five main disciplines of deejay, emcee, graffiti artist, break-dancer, thinker, educator and story tellers of the past and present.    Students will interact with our presenters as they learn about the historical origin, cultural development and current status of these styles in our world through wise, honest, fun and interesting stories of overcoming adversity to find ones creative voice of expression!   

Our content is adjustable so as to create age appropriate material for all ages / grades K-12.